The AI backbone for the hotel industry

Primeclass is an AI platform to improve operations such as managing guest reviews, analyzing vendor contracts, maintenance, staff training and more. Start today.

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Built for operators

"Forget spreadsheets"

I spent two weeks building a spreadsheet to track all the reviews on 200 properties across all the review sites to identify why certain properties underperformed. If Primeclass can solve this, I am in!

Cynthia Edwards
Director of Marketing and Revenue, Winter Park Escapes

"The industry needs this"

We own several properties and operate under global hotel brands. We are always looking for ways to increase profits, be more consistent and support our GM's, we will take a close look at Primeclass.

Jig Pandya
Chief Strategy Officer, Apsilon Hotel Group

"Bespoke for the Hotel industry"

The lodging industry has so many specific systems, inputs and honestly complicated problems with staff, guests, the facility and more. Primeclass is like an AI Swiss Army knife and is built to be in the tool box of every hotel operator.

Rolan Reichel
CMO, Primeclass

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Running a hotel is like trying to solve a puzzle wrapped in a rubik's cube while riding a rollercoaster. Primeclass makes it easier.


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Enjoy the value of AI review insights and build custom reports


Choose a plan

Depending on the number of rooms, properties and requirements, choose a plan

AI that solves problems

Whether you are looking to optimize staff resources, increase guest happiness, train teams, recruit workers, there is an AI app to add speed and accuracy

Increase operational efficiency

Identify the weak points in your operations, level up staff training, maximize resources, save time, effort and money.

General managers

Customize the apps to your location, pick and choose the applications you need and only pay for what you use.

Hotel group executives

Level up consistency, guest experience and efficiency across all properties by deploying tools your teams will love.

Train and retain staff

Build a knowledge based for all properties by uploading documents. Conversational UI for training is always up to date.

Sales Enablement

With many groups selling the events, meeting rooms and other parts of the property, Primeclass is the source of truth for all products and all teams.

Sell more

Staff costs are on the rise. Recruiting, training and retaining are vital as well as scheduling.

Deploy in minutes, see results in minutes.

Built for the hotel industry and integrated into the systems used all over the world.

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